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HAND WELLNESS: 11 Happy Hand Strategies From Our Lab

The current necessity to over-wash hands, is likely taking a toll, and, like many, your hands are probably dry, irritated and sore as a result.

 Natural emollients to the rescue!

As part of our 4 part wellness series, our application chemists have assembled 11 strategies you can employ to help re-find your hand happiness– all leveraging guide formulations, direct from the Natural Plant Products Applications Lab.


  1. Our Go-Go Cleansing Stick  – while intended for the face – can also be applied to the hands at home or while on-the-go when no other soap is available. This unique solid cleansing stick has a high oil load of Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Daikon Seed Extract and gentle surfactants that create lots of dense luxurious lather to cleanse your skin. Upon rinsing, MSO and DSE impart a silky smooth moisturizing feel that isn’t greasy. And, unlike many cleansing products with an alkaline pH that can be harsh on the skin, ours has a lower pH closer to the skin’s, thus gentler.
  2. and 3. Two additional alternatives are our Solid Oil Cleansing Balm or PEG-Free Solid Oil Cleansing Balm. These solid balms melt onto skin as you rub them in and upon rinsing form a milky layer. The result: skin feels conditioned and clean, yet non-greasy. This novel formula provides more skin feel than a liquid oil cleanser. Meadowfoam Seed Oil contributes substantive texture/after feel while Daikon Seed Extract balances any potential greasiness for a smooth feel.



  1. Fresh Start Body/Hand Scrub – Packed with natural oils and exfoliators, our scrub provides welcome relief to tired, dry, dull skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Daikon Seed Extract leave skin feeling smooth and moisturized yet not greasy. Oat Lipid e, rich in ceramides, locks in moisture while OleoFLEX helps lock oils onto the skin. Vegetable Petrolatum (an all-natural alternative to petrolatum) prevents water loss. Sugar acts as a gentle, natural exfoliator. Oat COM colloidal oatmeal soothes irritated skin.



  1. Our Clean Beauty Moisturizing Stick can be applied to the back of the hands when overly dry from washing without getting fingertips covered–so you can moisturize without gumming up your keyboard in the process. This super on-the-go moisturizing stick is an efficient, delivery format for targeted and multi-purpose moisturizing. Loaded with four natural emollients and Vitamin E, it’s a super rich yet easy-to-apply moisturizer. Daikon Seed Extractprovides a light, silicone-type slip while Meadowfoam Seed Oilgives a fast-absorbing yet luxurious depth. Cold-pressed Meadowfoam CP is rich in naturally-occurring tocopherols and carotenoids and Oat Lipid e adds hydration.
  2. Our Day Relief Hand Cream is a fragrance-free, light yet substantial hand cream spreads easily and absorbs well for daytime use. It has a high percentage of Daikon Seed Extract, which provides great moisturization with quick absorption, and our studies show that DSE can improve skin barrier function. Glycerin acts as a humectant that attracts moisture. Botanically based preservatives include honeysuckle extract and honeysuckle flower extract.



  1. Our Night Relief Hand Cream is a fragrance-free, luxurious formulation for night time use. Meadowfoam Seed Oil gives this rich, moisturizing hand cream a substantial feel balanced perfectly by Daikon Seed Extract to give a light, smooth, silky rubout with a non-greasy yet moisturizing feel. Glycerin acts as a humectant to attract moisture and Kostol PGP acts as an emulsifier and skin conditioner. Botanically-based preservatives include honeysuckle extract and honeysuckle flower extract.
  2. Put on cotton gloves after applying to intensify nighttime moisturization.


Don’t Forget your Cuticles

  1. Straight Meadowfoam Seed Oil makes a GREAT cuticle conditioner. Fast absorbing and rich without being overly greasy, it can soften dry or brittle cuticles and bring relief. Virgn Cold-Pressed Meadowfoam CP and mechanically extracted Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR are also both Ecocert and COSMOS approved.
  2. Our Clean Beauty Moisturizing Stick (also #5) is a great cuticle conditioner as well, and, in the easy stick format, application is a breeze!


BONUS – Hand Massages

11. Body Oil – A great stress reliever after a long day can be a hand massage. Our body oil contains a combination of oils to give the right viscosity for spreadability, while also providing quick absorption and penetration. Meadowfoam Seed Oil’s superb emolliency imparts rich, moisturizing feel with good absorption while Daikon Seed Extract gives light, smooth, silky, non-greasy yet moisturizing feel. This body oil is not only an excellent moisturizer, but provides a nice glide as a massage oil.

We hope you enjoy trying these great formulations for keeping hands cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, and HAPPY! Wishing you well!

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