Melting Waterless Cleansing Balm

Keep Pace with Evolving Cleansing Trends

In an article published in July 2021, CEW and SPATE presented “Top 10 Skin Care Cleansing Google Search Concerns, Interests, and Trends“. While all ten cleansing search trends are super interesting, two, in particular, caught our eye:

Cleansing Balm searches up 37.5% year over year

According to CEW/SPATE, this trend is the biggest increase in searches for the facial cleansing category and one we’ve been noticing for a few years now. In fact, in our Guide Formulation Library, you’ll find no fewer than three cleansing balm formulations.

Our Melting Waterless Cleansing Balm is our newest cleansing balm formulation and maps to no fewer than TEN of beauty trends including minimal ingredient, waterless, and mask management. It’s also one of our new favorites. This delightful cleansing balm includes Daikon Seed Extract which provides smooth, silky feel. Meadowfoam Seed Oil adds a substantive texture and skin feel as well as oxidative stability. This cleanser also includes upcycled Orange Wax for added emollience and a light citrus fragrance. SonneNatural® Select Meadowfoam Seed Oil Enhanced provides a natural alternative to petrolatum.

Our tried-and-true Solid Cleansing Oil Balm and PEG-Free Solid Cleansing Balm actually melt onto skin as you rub them in and, upon rinsing, form a milky layer. The result: skin feels conditioned and clean, yet non-greasy. These novel formulas provide more skin feel than a liquid oil cleanser. Meadowfoam Seed Oil contributes substantive texture/after-feel. Daikon Seed Extract balances any potential greasiness for a smooth feel. Botanically-based preservatives include honeysuckle extract and honeysuckle flower extract.

The other trend we wanted to highlight from the CEW article was:

Cleansing Sticks – 370.6% search increase since December 2020

On-the-go cleansing has become a familiar norm and having cleansing options that are non-drying AND effective cleansers are common consumer requirements. Mask management continues to pose a range of skin challenges and our cleansing stick works really well to keep skin feeling clean and moisturized without greasiness.

Multi-functional and travel-friendly, our Facial Cleansing Stick, provides a unique cleansing delivery system made with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Daikon Seed Extract, and Coconut Oil. It has a high oil load and is packaged in a solid stick form. This easy-to-apply second step in a double cleanse routine simultaneously dissolves makeup, dirt, and impurities. It also creates a lot of creamy lather, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky-smooth upon rinsing.

Keep Pace with Evolving Trends

Consumer trends continue to evolve as we move through what seems like a revolving door of “new normals”. Having guide formulations to accelerate your formulation developments and help you keep pace with the latest consumer trends is key.

Make sure to check out our complete Guide Formulation Library for the latest formulations from our Applications Lab. Our chemists are adding new formulations often to help you stay in tune with whatever beauty search trends emerge in the days ahead.

Happy formulating!


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