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Clear Oil Sunscreen Stick – Coral Reef-Safe

This coral reef-safe wonderfully moisturizing yet light sunscreen comes in an easy-to-use stick format. This non-greasy “dry oil” formulation is loaded with Daikon Seed Extract (DSE) for a light, velvety skin feel. Meadowfoam XPR (XPR) adds richness and oxidative stability. And, when combined with amino acid-derived gelatinization agents, XPR and DSE form a clear, solid […]

Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy Overview Natural Plant Products Inc. values your privacy and believes you have a right to know what data we collect, for what purposes, and how the information is typically used and if or when it is shared with third parties.  We also recognize your right to manage permissions regarding your personal information, […]

Natural Plant Products Formally Releases Mechanically Extracted Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Responding to consumer demands, NPP releases Ecocert and COSMOS approved Meadowfoam XPR. Salem, OR ─ August 1, 2019 ─ Natural Plant Products, Inc. (NPP) a producer of natural botanical oils/extracts from Oregon-based co-op member farms, has formally released Meadowfoam XPR, a mechanically extracted version of their Meadowfoam Seed Oil, their first new product introduction for […]

Meadowfoam Seed Oil – Oil Profile

Defining “Sustainable Production” for Naturals

Our Growers

What “Sustainable Production” means and why it ACTUALLY matters when growing naturals for the beauty industry Sustainable. Green. Natural. All consumer buzz-words and drivers for beauty product positioning and differentiation. And, yet, all of these terms are not actually all that well defined in the marketplace. What is Sustainable? The word “sustainable” for instance means […]

Clean Beauty Moisturizing Stick

Clean Beauty XPR Moisturizing Stick

This super clean beauty, fragrance-free moisturizing stick is an efficient, delivery format for targeted and multipurpose moisturizing. Loaded with natural emollients and Vitamin E, it’s a super rich yet easy-to-apply moisturizer. Daikon Seed Extract provides a light, silicone-type slip while mechanically-extracted Meadowfoam XPR gives a fast-absorbing yet luxurious depth. This effective “dry oil” formulation effectively […]

Natural Emollients vs. Synthetics: Are they as effective?

naturals efficacy vs. synthetics

Using naturals over synthetics is a noble cause but do they work as well?  Consumers today are pushing naturals and clean beauty hard and are increasingly driving demand for natural alternatives to synthetics in beauty products they use. Even so, GCI reported that according to a recent The Benchmarking Company sustainability study of female consumers, 78% […]

Solid Cleansing Oil Balm

naturals efficacy vs. synthetics

Part of our multi-step K-Beauty facial regimen, this solid oil cleanser is a hot new product format gaining popularity with Korean brands. This solid balm melts onto skin as you rub it in and upon rinsing forms a milky layer. The result: skin feels conditioned and clean, yet non-greasy. This novel formula provides more skin […]

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