WHAT MATTERS: Growing Botanicals with Bees in Mind

Bees with Meadowfoam

Choosing Responsibly Sourced Ingredients Consumers and brands alike are increasingly mindful of the environmental impacts the products and ingredients they favor have over the long term.  While the definition of sustainability can be open to a myriad of measures and interpretations, ingredient suppliers can and ARE making definitive choices to ensure their ingredients are produced […]

Commercial Product Roundup – What’s Trending for Meadowfoam Seed Oil?

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

We are always delighted to learn about different commercial applications using our natural emollients. With over 60% of HAPPI’s Top  30 International and 50% of Top 50 US Personal Care brands using Meadowfoam Seed Oil, we like to check in periodically and see what types of products using our oils are trending commercially. Here’s what we […]

Keep Pace with Evolving Cleansing Trends

Melting Waterless Cleansing Balm

In an article published in July 2021, CEW and SPATE presented “Top 10 Skin Care Cleansing Google Search Concerns, Interests, and Trends“. While all ten cleansing search trends are super interesting, two, in particular, caught our eye: Cleansing Balm searches up 37.5% year over year According to CEW/SPATE, this trend is the biggest increase in searches […]

Well, HELLO Lipstick…we’ve missed you!

lipstick returns

Remember lipstick?  Us, too.  Boy, have we missed it!  And, apparently, we aren’t alone! Online Lipstick Searches SOAR! After a major slump in lip cosmetics thanks to COVID, HAPPI reports that according to Trendalytics, searches for long-wear lipstick grew 1,135% year-over-year, with shimmer lip gloss up 889%!  That’s great news for the industry and lipstick […]

TREND WATCH – 6 Reasons to Embrace WATERLESS Beauty Formulations

waterless formulations

A top trend for 2021 Popular in, and inspired by, Korean Beauty regimens, waterless beauty products have emerged as a truly global trend. Along with sustainability impacts, global clean water availability concerns and improved product efficacy, there are many reasons savvy consumers are embracing the waterless beauty movement. Let’s take a look at a few […]

TREND WATCH – Well-Aging at ANY Age

Well-Aging Trends for Meadowfoam and Daikon

A $1.083 Billion Global Market According to the Global Wellness Institute, personal care and anti-aging accounts for a $1.083 billion market in today’s global wellness economy.  In addition, Spate reports that there has been a 26.9% rise in “self-care” searches online in the US for the year-ending Nov 2020. “Well-aging” over “Anti-aging” Wellness, well-aging, and self-care have clearly […]

10 Formulations for Hair, Scalp and Beard Wellness

We’re all feeling the heightened importance of wellness and self-care these days. Hair and beard care and “scalpcare-as-skincare” are all red-hot trends right now and gaining more attention with an increasing number of products supporting this movement to happier heads! Natural emollients to the rescue! In this blog, as part of our FIELD GOOD Wellness Guide Series, […]

TREND WATCH – Healthy Hair and Scalp

Clean Beauty

“Scalp care as skin care” has emerged as a top hair trend in personal care. SKINCARE EXPERTS TURNING TO HAIR/SCALP CARE In fact, Allure Magazine considers it in the TOP FIVE beauty trends for 2020 stating that”healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp”. In July, Elle magazine published “Skincare for your scalp is going to […]

TREND WATCH – Zoom-Ready

Zoom ready

This year online meetings are the “new normal” for many of our daily personal and professional interactions. In fact, one leading online meeting platform, Zoom, grew from about 10 million daily meeting participants in December 2019 to over 300 million by April of this year (Source: Zoom). As we all acclimatize to this remote mode […]

TREND WATCH – Men’s Grooming

Men's Grooming

The global men’s grooming market was estimated to top 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. By 2024, that figure is estimated to reach an impressive 81.2 Billion U.S. dollars, according to Statista. Extending well beyond traditional men’s shaving products, men are increasingly investing in skin care, hair care, wellness and men’s makeup products. To keep […]