Beauty Trends x Lip Care Formulations 2023

Beauty Trends x Lip Care Formulations 2023

Consumer web searches and TikTok hashtags for lip care products are strong and holding steady (USA market, Searches fall under a number of subcategories, including product formats (e.g. oils, glosses, balms) and functionality/benefit (moisturizing, plumping, tinted, etc.). Another way to evaluate what’s trending in lip care is through the lens of overarching beauty and […]

Commercial Product Roundup – What’s Trending for Meadowfoam Seed Oil

skincare and beauty products containing meadowfoam seed oil

We are always delighted to learn about different commercial applications using our natural emollients. With Spate reporting an average of 3,500 monthly searches for Meadowfoam Seed Oil in the US, we like to check in periodically and see what types of products using our oils are trending commercially. Here’s what we found. Water-Wise Cleansing Waterless […]

Promoting a Healthy Skin Barrier with Upcycled Daikon Seed Extract

woman with glowing skin next to a daikon radish flower

According to SPATE, US Google searches for ‘skin barrier’ have been growing at a steady pace over the past 2 years, and are expected to increase another 22% in the coming year. TikTok videos, blogs, articles, social media posts, and product advertisements have helped drive awareness of the skin barrier, and its importance, among consumers.  […]

4 Strategies for Personal Care Brands to Help Weather Economic Uncertainty

woman inspecting personal care product packaging

Forecasting and planning during turbulent economic times is extremely difficult. The coming year is full of uncertainty across nearly every industry, and the personal care category is no exception. Recent industry webinars hosted by Beauty Matter and Cosmetic Executive Women, backed by data from both Spate and Nielsen IQ, highlighted some of the predicted challenges […]

What Does the Glow Skin Trend Mean for Beauty Brands?

Glow Face Oil Formulation

The Glow Skin Trend, which gained popularity in early 2021, continues to remain a hot topic in the world of beauty into 2022. Related trends such as “glass skin”, “dolphin skin”, and the more forgiving “cloud skin” spark content, comments and some debate in the media and on social platforms.  The main focus of the […]