4 Strategies for Personal Care Brands to Help Weather Economic Uncertainty

woman inspecting personal care product packaging

Forecasting and planning during turbulent economic times is extremely difficult. The coming year is full of uncertainty across nearly every industry, and the personal care category is no exception. Recent industry webinars hosted by Beauty Matter and Cosmetic Executive Women, backed by data from both Spate and Nielsen IQ, highlighted some of the predicted challenges […]

What Does the Glow Skin Trend Mean for Beauty Brands?

Glow Face Oil Formulation

The Glow Skin Trend, which gained popularity in early 2021, continues to remain a hot topic in the world of beauty into 2022. Related trends such as “glass skin”, “dolphin skin”, and the more forgiving “cloud skin” spark content, comments and some debate in the media and on social platforms.  The main focus of the […]