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Trend Watch: Gesundes Haar und gesunde Kopfhaut

Scalp care as skin care has emerged as a top hair trend in personal care.

Skincare Experts Turning to Hair/Scalp Care

In fact, Allure Magazine considers it in the top five beauty trends for 2020 stating that”healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp”. In July, Elle magazine published “Skincare for your scalp is going to transform your hair health” where they indicated that increasingly, many skincare brands are applying a lot to the same science to scalp care as they’ve applied historically to skin. Skincare brands like Drunk Elephant, Elemis and Dr Barbara Sturm are leveraging their expertise with a pivot showing an emergence of hair and scalp serums, scalp scrubs, masks and scalp shampoos.  Sought after outcomes include anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, gentle exfoliation and soothing moisturization.

Wellness Drives Trend

We would opine that this more holistic approach to scalp and hair care could be reflections of (and have likely been amplified by) an overall increase in wellness and self-care trends during a year of marked uncertainty. Interestingly, spending declines for hair appliances, extensions and straighteners seem to support a more intentional move to actual hair and scalp health over appliances and artificial or chemical styling aids.

Natural Applications

Our natural emollients, produced from botanicals, map beautifully to a number of scalp and hair applications.

We’ve compiled a list of some guide formulations supporting the Healthy Hair and Scalp trend which feature our natural emollients of Wiesenschaumkrautöl Und Daikon-Samenextrakt.

Following are some favorites from our Leitfadenformulierungsbibliothek:

  • Nourishing botanicals hair mask provides “just right” conditioning and smoothing for unfussy hair care.
  • Ever-popular beard oil tames and moisturizes hair, stubble, and skin.
  • Multi-functional Hair finishing elixir can be used pre-cleanse or post-cleanse, to moisturize and tame any hair type.
  • Happy head scalp serum provides nourishing, cooling relief to scalp and strength, shine and conditioning to hair
  • Stimulating scalp scrub offers stimulating exfoliation, followed by a lovely cooling sensation along with great hair and scalp moisturization, providing a nicely layered sensory experience.

All these formulations promote a naturals focused, healthy scalp and hair approach and offer gentle, soothing moisturization to scalp and shine and strength to hair.

Learn more about healthy hair and scalp guide formulations and our complete Leitfadenformulierungsbibliothek oder Fordern Sie Produktmuster unserer natürlichen Weichmacher an Heute.

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