Defining “Sustainable Production” for Naturals

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What “Sustainable Production” means and why it ACTUALLY matters when growing naturals for the beauty industry Sustainable. Green. Natural. All consumer buzz-words and drivers for beauty product positioning and differentiation. And, yet, all of these terms are not actually all that well defined in the marketplace. What is Sustainable? The word “sustainable” for instance means […]

Natural Emollients vs. Synthetics: Are they as effective?

naturals efficacy vs. synthetics

Using naturals over synthetics is a noble cause but do they work as well?  Consumers today are pushing naturals and clean beauty hard and are increasingly driving demand for natural alternatives to synthetics in beauty products they use. Even so, GCI reported that according to a recent The Benchmarking Company sustainability study of female consumers, 78% […]

Meadowfoam: The LITTLE flower that’s a BIG deal

A Rotational Crop for Grass Seed In 1985 a small group of Oregon grass seed famers investigated various rotational crops that would provide sustainable, long-term soil health and sustain grass crop quality. Through this investigation, a rotational crop that worked well was meadowfoam. This beautiful plant produces flowers whose seeds contain a natural oil. This […]

TREND WATCH – Athleisure


Selecting personal care formulations that fit well into an active lifestyle Efficiency.  A requirement at almost every corner of modern life. And, it turns out, also a growing requirement in the development of beauty product applications. A clear example of this is in the development of “Athleisure” beauty products. Athleisure defined These can be defined as […]

Extending the shelf life of natural beauty formulations, NATURALLY!

meadowfoam seed oil formulations

Trends driving demand for Naturals Developing new products that map to ever-evolving consumer demands can be a challenge. Today’s consumers are increasingly turning to personal care products that prioritize natural ingredients over synthetics as part of a larger Clean Beauty wellness sensibility. Naturals are perceived as more healthful options, often with aggressive efficacy claims associated […]