Tydan Farms
Harrisburg, OR

Nick Bowers’ great grandfather moved to Harrisburg, Oregon in 1929, making Nick the fourth generation of the Bowers family to farm their land. He and his wife, Donna, have been farming on their own since 1998 as Tydan Farms. Nick has grown meadowfoam since the beginning of his farming days. Nick was introduced to meadowfoam through his father, Don, who …...Read More

Troy Hadley
Silverton, OR

Troy Hadley is a fifth generation farmer in Silverton, OR. His family farm was started in 1878 with a purchase of land made by his great-great grandfather after moving to Oregon from California. In the over 130 years that the Hadley family farm has existed, they have farmed a variety of crops including hops, strawberries, cereal grains, and pole beans. Si…...Read More

Ruddenklau Farms
Amity, OR

Bruce and Helle Ruddenklau own and operate Ruddenklau Farms in the Willamette Valley. Bruce grew up on a 3rd generation sheep and grain farm in his home country of New Zealand, while Helle grew up in Denmark. They met at Lincoln University which Helle attended on exchange. Bruce was so taken with Hel…...Read More

Majestic Oak Farms
Monmouth, OR

During World War II, the US Government claimed a large section of land in the Willamette Valley forCamp Adair and housing its soldiers. In 1963 John’s parents, Earl and Berneice, relocated their farm from the confines of the Albany area …...Read More

Kizer & Son, Inc.
Harrisburg, OR

Kizer & Son, Inc. started over 100 years ago when CP Kizer began raising sheep near Harrisburg in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. CP raised certified sheep with his son, Beryl, and traveled the country by rail, including visits to the World’s Fair…...Read More

Ken Sayer Farms
Brownsville, OR

The Sayer family story is one of success through calculated risk and innovation. Ken Sayer’s great-grandfather, Robert, an immigrant from England, found his way to Oregon in a roundabout way. After befriending an injured veteran of the American Civil War, Robert brought his new friend home and helped on his family farm in Nebraska. Robert’s new friend…...Read More

Huntons’ Farm
Junction City, OR

Jason Hunton, like his father Tom, grew up working on the family farm just outside of Junction City. In fact, his first job was sweeping the family’s fertilizer plant. In the late 1990s, he attended Colorado State University where he majored in agriculture economics and minored in political science. Since then, Jason has lived all over the world and…...Read More

Gylan Mulkey Farms
Monmouth, OR

The Mulkey family has a long history of farming in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. In the 1860’s they travelled the Oregon Trail and settled on the west side of the valley between Monmouth and Corvallis. The Mulkeys farmed the land in that location until the start of WWII when the United States Government took over a large area in the region to establi…...Read More

Ioka Farms
Silverton, OR

John Duerst grew up on a farm near Sublimity, Oregon where his family grew strawberries. After World War II, the price of strawberries was driven down after the crop became prolific in California, so the Duerst family began to harvest timber for the many wood-fired boilers which were so abundant at that time. As John grew up, the family began to raise pig…...Read More