Tydan Farms

Harrisburg, OR

Nick Bowers’ great grandfather moved to Harrisburg, Oregon in 1929, making Nick the fourth generation of the Bowers family to farm their land. He and his wife, Donna, have been farming on their own since 1998 as Tydan Farms. Nick has grown meadowfoam since the beginning of his farming days. Nick was introduced to meadowfoam through his father, Don, who started growing it in the 1970s. Nick farmed with his father and brothers from 1986 until Don retired in 1998.

With few options as rotational crops in the poorly drained South Williamette Valley, meadowfoam has been very important to Tydan Farms as a non-grass rotation that will grow well on their land. They utilize meadowfoam to regenerate soil conditions in selected fields, normally totaling around 8% of the farm’s total acreage, when there may be grass problems that cannot be controlled with other methods. Nick and Donna also appreciate meadowfoam’s early harvest date, its beauty, the smell of the pretty flowers, and the meadowfoam honey. Neighbors comment on the snow white crop and the fragrance.

Nick has served on the OMG board of directors for over seven years and has enjoyed getting to know the other growers and board members. In the 25 years that Nick has been farming, he has seen changes in the Willamette Valley such as more technology, bigger equipment, and growers learning to be more efficient with inputs such as fertilizer and fuel. Nick says he looks forward to growing meadowfoam because it allows him to use more of the environmentally-friendly no-till farming practices, which help make Tydan Farms more efficient.

Pictured:(From Left to Right): Tyler Bowers and wife Brittany, Dana Bowers (on tractor seat), Donna Bowers (Nick's wife) and Nick