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Healthy Hair and Scalp

“Scalp care as skin care” is a growing mantra and our formulations supporting this trend are great for both scalp and hair. Our natural emollients nourish and moisturize scalp and add shine and strength to hair without heaviness or greasiness. Click on our hair and scalp formulations below to learn more.

Formulations for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Formulation Library
Formula #100-03J
Save the Waves Conditioner Bar

Save the Waves Conditioner Bar

This all-natural and vegan formulation contains plant-derived emollients and actives that have been shown to reduce frizz, improve strength and shine, protect against repeated grooming, and improve split ends.
Formula #109-01J
A Beautiful Biome Shampoo Bar

A Beautiful Biome Shampoo Bar

Plant-based emollients and surfactants are artfully combined into a water-wise, minimal packaging-required, and travel-friendly shampoo bar
Formula #100-02J
Water-Wise Conditioner Bar

Water-Wise Conditioner Bar

A convenient and eco-friendly bar format conditioner containing just 4% water. It is vegan, portable, requires minimal packaging, and features natural emollients that add shine, strength, and smoothness for all hair types and textures.
Formula #103-37C
Add strength and shine with this multi-functional hair finishing spritz

Daikon Strength & Shine Hair Finishing Spritz

This hair finishing spritz features a blend of unique natural emollients that both strengthen hair and add a non-oily shine.
Formula #101-156C

Cooling Beard Serum

This cooling beard serum is equally great for hair and skin with a lovely cooling sensation.
Formula #100-160D
Better Beard Butter

Better Beard Butter

This light, non-greasy beard butter conditions and adds styling control and texture to any facial hair style, from light stubble to full-grown beards.
Formula #102-11D

Zero-Waste, Waterless Shampoo Bar

A zero-waste, waterless and naturals-forward shampoo bar that’s both functional and great for your hair.
Formula #101-133C
Stimulating Scalp Scrub

Stimulating Scalp Scrub

Stimulating exfoliation, just right moisturization and cooling finish – a sensory delight!
Formula #102-14B

Happy Head Scalp Serum

Provides cooling, soothing relief to scalp and strength, shine and conditioning to hair.

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