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Collaborative Formulation: Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Accelerating R&D Cycles for Formulators

With R&D cycles for new product introductions ever shrinking to keep pace both with fickle consumer demands and brand development mandates, a real opportunity exists for ingredient suppliers. By offering formulators a guide formulation library that features their ingredients, suppliers effectively help accelerate development cycles for industry formulators while promoting their ingredients in a really useful way.

Supplier Formulary on the Rise

At the recent SCC Supplier’s Day in Long Beach, we found most ingredient suppliers there were actively formulating and promoting demo formulations on their stands as a way to engage prospects and showcase the unique qualities of the ingredients they produce.

Distributor and Suppliers in Sync

At Suppliers Day we were on stand with our North American distributor, Charkit Chemical along with fellow Charkit ingredient suppliers, Panacea Life Sciences and Oat Cosmetics. Our Natural Plant Products (NPP) team were demoing a lovely hydrating treatment facemask, developed by chemists in our NPP lab using our mechanically extracted Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR) and our Daikon Seed Extract (DSE).

Our formulation included aurafirm P, a fermented oat active from Oat Cosmetics, which promotes skin radiance and reduces roughness. It was handy for Charkit to have a demo formulation on stand that supported both supplier companies and our distributor in one fail swoop.

One Thing Leads to Another

The lead chemist for Panacea who was also on stand tried our formulation and came up with a notion for a formulation that would replace shea butter in our formulation with their Phytocannobinoid Rich Hemp Oil Distillate (Hemp CBD Distillate) as an interesting variation that could incorporate ingredients from all three companies.  After the show, she headed back to the lab with our base formulation and got to work.

The Formulation Evolves

After continued development and coordination between our companies, a new “Hemp CBD Distillate Face Mask” otherwise known as formulation #1025D/100-22, was ready for prime time.  The resulting Face Mask retains all the wonderful hydrating and renewing properties of the original formulation but with the added benefits of CBD Help Distillate to calm inflammation and further support stressed skin.  Strong just got stronger!

What’s Good for the Goose…

By ingredient suppliers working together, a wonderful variation that brings added beneficial qualities to an already strong formation meant that all three companies have a new formulation to offer formulators.  It’s also a formulation that ticks the boxes for today’s hottest beauty trends like athleisure, clean beauty, men’s grooming and j-beauty as well as the current “CBD in everything” craze to boot!

So, fellow ingredient suppliers, what’s good for one, can often be good for all!  And to quote Aristotle, in the case of Formulation #1025D/100-22, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

VIEW THE GUIDE FORMULATION here. Our chemists will be also be on stand demoing this and and other formulations from our lab at Table #207 at SCC Annual Meeting later this month in NYC!


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