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Waterless, water-free or anhydrous beauty refers to products that do not contain water. Waterless products can be more concentrated and less bacteria-prone as well as support consumer demands for zero-waste options to minimize both water use and post-consumer packaging waste. Our waterless formulations listed below address these important consumer demands.

Formulierungen für Waterless

Formula #103-45A
Hello Bordeaux Lip and Cheek Tint

Hello Bordeaux Lip and Cheek Tint

Full of natural, multi-purpose ingredients, it gently plumps and smooths cheeks and lips while adding a sheer tint with a subtle glow.
Formula #102-13J
Visible Volume Lip Oil

Visible Volume Lip Oil

This lip oil adds a silky, non-sticky shine while nourishing, moisturizing, and plumping for visibly fuller lips.
Formula #103-43E
Skin Barrier Resscue Stick

Skin Barrier Rescue Stick

This stick brightens and adds moisture to the skin, while protecting it from harmful environmental stressors.
Formula #103-35B
Beyond Basic Body Butter Bar

Beyond Basic Body Butter Bar

Go beyond basic body butter with this moisturizing serum bar that repairs and protects skin. Natural, multi-functional ingredients improve skin barrier function and prevent drying while imparting a velvety texture.
Formula #103-37C
Add strength and shine with this multi-functional hair finishing spritz

Daikon Strength & Shine Hair Finishing Spritz

This hair finishing spritz features a blend of unique natural emollients that both strengthen hair and add a non-oily shine.
Formula #103-33G
daikon radish seed featured in waterless cleansing balm formulation

Daikon Waterless Cleansing Balm

A one-step cleanser that melts away makeup and sunscreen for a simple nightly routine.
Formula #103-30A
Glow Face Oil Formulation

Glow Face Oil

This luxurious face oil offers rich emollience with vitamins C and E – all without greasiness.
Formula #100-156F

Cranberry-Orangen-Handmaske / Balsam

Dieser cremige, wasserfreie Balsam schmilzt beim Einmassieren auf der Haut. Er kann als Maske für eine intensivere Behandlung oder als schöner, feuchtigkeitsspendender Balsam verwendet werden.
Formula #103-21G
Kuscheliger violetter Lipgloss

Kuscheliger violetter Lipgloss

Iridescent lip gloss that provides moisture and amazing color without stickiness.

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