Natural Ingredients for Personal Care Applications

Natural Plant Products supplies botanical ingredients and technical services to the global personal care industry. Our seed oils and seed extracts have unique chemistries that make them viable alternatives to synthetic emollients, suitable for use in a wide range of applications including skin care, color cosmetics, hair care, and more.

ดิน- มิตร
ธรรมชาติ 100%
Meadowfoam น้ำมันเมล็ด

Carrier Oils with Unique Chemistries

Natural Plant Products is the original and leading producer of Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Daikon Seed Extract, specialty emollients found in popular commercial products from top brands for over 30 years.

Accelerating Personal Care Product Development

We develop and publish on-trend formulations to inspire adoption and accelerate the development of commercial products featuring our ingredients. View our library of face, lip, skin care and hair care guide formulations for inspiration.


Tracking Consumer Trends

Our goal is to make your job easier. We identify emerging beauty trends which our products are well-suited to support and distill the data into quick summaries and actionable insights for brand managers and formulation chemists.

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