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Trenduhr: Zoom-Ready

This year online meetings are the “new normal” for many of our daily personal and professional interactions.

In fact, one leading online meeting platform, Zoom, grew from about 10 million daily meeting participants in December 2019 to over 300 million by April of this year (Source: Zoom). As we all acclimatize to this remote mode of meeting, a lot of focus has been placed on products that promote the Zoom-ready trend in personal care, essentially anything that improves the appearance of eyes, skin, hair and lips.

We’ve compiled a list of some guide formulations that map to the Zoom-ready trend that feature our botanicals of Wiesenschaumkrautöl Und Daikon-Samenextrakt. Following are some favorites from our Leitfadenformulierungsbibliothek:



  • TREAT –  Our lovely facial serum contains Meadowfoam CP which provides higher levels of tocopherols and phytosterols and is an excellent primer under foundation. Another favorite is our leave-on feuchtigkeitsspendende Gesichtsmaske that cools and refreshes pre- or post- long calls.
  • MOISTURIZE –  Our light day cream absorbs quickly and provides just the right amount of moisture for day time use. Multifunktionale Feuchtigkeitsstifte can be applied to hair, body, face and lip. Tame brows and flyaway hairs, moisturize dry heels or elbows, or targeted on-the-go facial moisturization.
  • …AND GLOW  – Multi-use glow stick moisturizes with a hint of highlighting glow for radiance and brightening.


Beard and Hair Care


  • MOISTURIZE – Unser vegan lip balm for on-the-go moisturization
  • …AND SHINE - Unser tinted lip shine oil with just a hint of color adds a little shine for a subtle, little extra zing


All these formulations promote naturals focused, no-fuss, easy self-care, and Zoom-ready polish ….just in time for your next call!

Lerne mehr über Zoom-Ready Guide Formulations and our complete Leitfadenformulierungsbibliothek oder Fordern Sie Produktmuster unserer natürlichen Weichmacher an Heute.


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