Well-Aging Trends for Meadowfoam and Daikon

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A $1.083 Billion Global Market

According to the Global Wellness Institute, personal care and anti-aging accounts for a $1.083 billion market in today’s global wellness economy.  In addition, Spate reports that there has been a 26.9% rise in “self-care” searches online in the US for the year-ending Nov 2020.

“Well-aging” over “Anti-aging”

Wellness, well-aging, and self-care have clearly been top global consumer trends in the last year. And, notably, brands are adjusting their messaging away from “anti-aging” terminology that implies that minimizing the impacts of aging is relegated to the realm of mature consumers only. “Pro-aging” or “well-aging” promote achieving healthy skin and hair at any age with increased consumer demand for “well-aging” products represented across all age and gender spectrums.

Naturals and Wellness

In addition, consumers are more devoted than ever to “healthy” products to promote wellness. Naturals are perceived as safe E healthful, and map to feelings of wellness E self-care that consumers are craving. Our farm-to-face seed oils are sustainably produced on member farms and provide unique chemistries that offer stability, luxurious natural alternatives to synthetic emollients, and amazing versatility to a wide range of well-aging applications.

TOP PICKS: Well-Aging Formulations

Our chemists have developed an extensive Guide Formulation Library using our ingredients and, specifically, our Well-aging Formulation Library is pretty beefy, so we’ll highlight some of our Top Well-Aging Formulation Picks below:

These formulations support well-aging and offer gentle, soothing moisturization for skin and hair. Access more Well-Aging Guide Formulations as part of our complete Libreria di formulazione della guida O richiedi campioni di prodotto dei nostri emollienti naturali Oggi.




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