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Products and ingredients that can pull double (or triple, or more) duty are gaining momentum. While this trend appeals to some consumers looking to streamline and simplify their routines, others are drawn to the trend as a more cost-conscious option due to recent inflationary pressures on personal budgets. Demand is also growing for products that transition across function as well, such as a body wash that also works for hair and scalp, or a moisturizing serum stick that works for body and face.

Formulations for Multi-Functional

Formula #103-45A
Hello Bordeaux Lip and Cheek Tint

Hello Bordeaux Lip and Cheek Tint

Full of natural, multi-purpose ingredients, it gently plumps and smooths cheeks and lips while adding a sheer tint with a subtle glow.
Formula #101-10J
Sheer Radiance Serum Foundation

Sheer Radiance Serum Foundation

This fresh formulation is a glow-inducing, skin-enhancing lightweight foundation that’s easy to blending and layer for just the right amount of coverage and a dewy, radiant, natural finish.
Formula #103-43E
Skin Barrier Resscue Stick

Skin Barrier Rescue Stick

This stick brightens and adds moisture to the skin, while protecting it from harmful environmental stressors.
Formula #103-35B
Beyond Basic Body Butter Bar

Beyond Basic Body Butter Bar

Go beyond basic body butter with this moisturizing serum bar that repairs and protects skin. Natural, multi-functional ingredients improve skin barrier function and prevent drying while imparting a velvety texture.
Formula #100-156F
Maschera per le mani al mirtillo rosso e all'arancia

Maschera/balsamo per le mani al mirtillo rosso e arancio

Questo balsamo cremoso e anidro si scioglie sulla pelle mentre lo si strofina. Può essere usato come una maschera per un trattamento più intenso o come un delizioso balsamo idratante.
Formula #100-147B
Prodotti Zoom Ready

Crema contorno occhi luminosa 3 in 1

A rich yet light, fast-absorbing cream with a moisturizing feel that isn’t greasy
Formula #100-125B
Scrub a labbra e maschera idratante

Scrub a labbra e maschera idratante

Questo apporto nutriente, delicato, esfoliante per labbra e maschera di trattamento idrata, leviga e protegge le labbra secche.
Formula #101-85
Glow Stick multiuso

Multi-Use Glow Stick

An on-the-go stick that leaves a light shimmer on the skin to highlight and smooth pores.
Formula #100-102B
Olio di barba

Olio di barba

Addomestica e condiziona i capelli alla barba, idratando al tempo stesso la pelle.

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