No. NPP has long-standing relationships with global distribution partners.  This enables us to provide the best possible local support for product sales and delivery.

Our oils have excellent stability compared with other naturals. MSO products can remain stable for up to three years when stored according to our published guidelines. DSE products stability is closer to 2 years.

Our seed is all produced from established local farms, many of whom we’ve been working with for over 30 years.

No, they are strictly for cosmetic and personal care applications.

We have very close relationships with apiaries that supply the bee colonies
We actively participate in pollinator community
We follow best practices  as identified in the Pacific Northwest Extension Publication PNW 591 (“How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides”).

For Meadowfoam, 20-25% is a good rule of thumb that accounts for seasonal variation and the use of different processing technologies for MSO, CP and XPR.

What seems to have gained interest in Asia is the story behind the nature of the Daikon seed market.  Our growers farm most of the Daikon Seed crop to sell to farmers that plant the seeds for food. What is really wonderful with what NPP has done, is created a unique natural oil out of the seeds that do not meet the planting standards for food farmers.  If the Daikon radish seeds are cracked or have anomalies that prevent them from growing, they are rejected. Normally the seeds would be disposed of, but we take those seeds and provide an incredibly useful natural botanical oil that provides a compelling new ingredient for cosmetic formulators.  Customers love the characteristics of the oil and it has what many are looking for, sustainable usage of natural resources.

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