History of NPP and OMG


Meadowfoam is first classified by an English botanist Robert Brown. Europeans import it as an ornamental plant. Covering a range of 11 species and subspecies, it earns the common name meadowfoam because in spectacular full bloom it resembles the froth of ocean waves.


Following extensive screening by the USDA in the 1960s, meadowfoam is selected from amongst the thousands flagged for further research as rotational crops. Towards the end of the decade, Oregon State University (OSU), in Corvallis, Oregon, is selected as one of 12 sites for growing trials.


Seven farms in the Willamette Valley begin collaborating on commercial production of meadowfoam.


These farms joined with eight more farms to form the nonprofit Oregon Meadowfoam Growers Association (OMGA).


Over 80 growers are involved in meadowfoam crop production necessitating the reorganization of OMGA into an open enrollment cooperative. Founded as the OMG Meadowfoam Oil Seed Growers Cooperative, the name is later shortened to OMG. OMG formed Natural Plant Products, Inc. (NPP) as their marketing subsidiary.


OMG hired Jerry Hatteberg as their full time CEO to oversee both the OMG crop production and NPP marketing & distribution operations.


NPP assumes complete responsibility for worldwide sales and distribution of Meadowfoam Seed Oil.


Jerry Hatteberg retires. Mike Martinez, previously working on commercial initiatives, assumes CEO office.


NPP launches Daikon Seed Extract, a novel triglyceride material derived from radish seeds and grown by the same cooperative of farmers that commercialized Meadowfoam Seed Oil.


NPP adds a formulation laboratory to their Salem office and hires contract formulator to develop formulations to facilitate the adoption and accelerate use of NPP’s products by formulators in the industry.


OMG consists of almost 50 member farms all dedicated to the sound production of meadowfoam and daikon radish seeds.


NPP opens Application Lab in Seattle, WA and trial extraction facility in Harrisburg, OR.


NPP’s Salem, OR oil mill is commissioned in October.

OMG holds regular, comprehensive grower meetings to ensure that all members understand and support the cooperative’s mission. The cooperative dedicates a staff agronomist to support, monitor, and maximize sustainable crop production.

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