Beauty Trends x Lip Care Formulations 2023

Beauty Trends x Lip Care Formulations 2023

Consumer web searches and TikTok hashtags for lip care products are strong and holding steady (USA market, Searches fall under a number of subcategories, including product formats (e.g. oils, glosses, balms) and functionality/benefit (moisturizing, plumping, tinted, etc.). Another way to evaluate what’s trending in lip care is through the lens of overarching beauty and personal care trends. 

Let’s dive-in to four of these trends and how they apply to lip formulations.

Trend 1: Skinification

Skinification refers to incorporating skincare ingredients into cosmetics and adding skincare routines to applications beyond the face. Nurturing the body’s microbiome and protecting skin barrier function is also important for the scalp, neck, body, and lips. 

Formulation Inspiration: Lip Scrub & Moisturizing Mask

Lip Scrub and Moisturizing MaskThis rich, balmy lip scrub buffs away dry skin and conditions lips, leaving them supple and perfectly prepped for your favorite lip products. The formulation is infused with hydrating and rapidly absorbing Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR and Daikon Seed Extract to smooth and protect dry lips – reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and improving skin barrier function. Pleasant, exfoliating rice bran wax microbeads gently buff away dry skin while Oat Lipid e, rich in ceramides, and all-natural Lanolin lock in moisture. View Formulation »

Trend 2: Natural Beauty

The no-makeup makeup look and a trend towards using makeup and skincare products to enhance natural beauty emerged from the pandemic lock-down. While full lips have been popular for many years, and collagen injections may be one way to obtain the perfect pout, many consumers are shying away from the needle in favor of less invasive and less costly options. In fact, web searches and TikTok hashtags for “lip injections” are down nearly 30% year-over-year (USA market, 

Formulation Inspiration: Visible Volume Lip Oil

Visible Volume Lip OilAn all natural lip oil formulation that adds a silky, non-sticky shine while nourishing, moisturizing, and plumping for visibly fuller lips. Daikon Seed Extract provides a smooth and silky shine without stickiness. Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR adds a light yet luxurious texture and superior stability. Linefill™, a natural active derived from sesame seeds, naturally plumps lips for added volume, while Avenaplex, a powerful oat active, repairs, renews and protects the skin. View Formulation »

Trend 3: Multifunctional Products

Consumers are increasingly opting for personal care routines that achieve the same results in less time and with fewer products. Related to the Skinification trend, products such as foundation with sunscreen, hydrating and brightening serum, or beard oil that also moisturizes the skin can maximize benefits and command higher prices. 

Formulation Inspiration: Hello Bordeaux Lip & Cheek Tint

Visible Volume Lip OilThis creamy, multi-use tint imparts a rosy, healthy glow to both lips and cheeks in one convenient product – perfect for midday touch ups. Full of natural, multipurpose ingredients, it gently plumps and smooths cheeks and lips while imparting moisture. Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR brings a velvety texture and superior oxidative stability to the formulation. Daikon Seed Extract adds a silky slip and improves skin barrier function. View Formulation »

Trend 4: Conscious Beauty

This megatrend contains many supporting trends, including a shift towards ingredients that are locally- and ethically-sourced, vegan and cruelty-free, and are derived from soil-friendly and water-wise sources. Buyers are hyper-aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment and many want to make informed, responsible decisions. 

Formulation Inspiration: Oregon Mint Vegan Lip Balm

Visible Volume Lip OilOur lip balm formulation features locally sourced peppermint oil, and is great for moisturizing bare lips or as a primer under lip color. This natural lip balm contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR and Daikon Seed Extract, both of which are created from soil-friendly rotational crops grown in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, and thus rarely require irrigation. Sunflower and carnauba wax provide vegan alternatives to beeswax. View Formulation »


For more trend-focused formulation development inspiration, visit our Formulations and Applications Library.

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