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MSO Lipstick Pigment Dispersion Study – University of Toledo*

The objective of the project was to compare Meadowfoam Seed Oil as a pigment dispersant for lipsticks to common dispersants castor oil and octyldodecanol.


  • MSO had lowest contact angle of the three dispersing agents, thus better pigment surface wetting than castor oil and octyldodecanol
  • MSO lipsticks had the lowest friction (best glide) and very similar pay-off and rheological properties as the caster oil lipsticks implying enhanced product application experience.

The study concluded that “Meadowfoam Seed Oil’s performance was qualitatively and quantitatively similar to castor oil and octyldodecanol.”

*Paper published in IFSCC (Published July 9, 2021)

A. Lipsticks formulated in this study.
B. Lipstick applied to printer paper

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