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Our Applications Lab has developed a number of on-trend Guide Formulations to get you started. Learn more about trends we’re watching and how our ingredients and formulations map nicely to these in-demand applications.

Clean Beauty

Naturally and ethically sourced formulations, free of toxic or GMO derived ingredients for today’s skintellectual, clean beauty consumer.

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Glow Skin

The antithesis to heavy, matte make-up. Dewy, healthy skin is in.

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Hand Care

Hand care formulations supporting hygiene and public health as well as skin barrier function.

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Healthy Hair and Scalp

Formulations that encourage healthy hair and, equally important, a healthy scalp.

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Natural simplicity and beautiful textures meet authentic, traditional approaches to Japanese beauty regimens.

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Mask Management

Minimize “mask-ne” and other mask related skin challenges that come with increased mask wearing.

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Men's Grooming

Multi-purpose skin and beard care options for today’s well-groomed man.

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The natural trend includes skincare and cosmetics products made without ingredients proven to be harmful to people or the environment and derived from naturally-occurring sources.

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Multi-functional ingredients that allow consumers to accomplish more with less.

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These products are seen as more eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and healthier by omitting the use of animal byproducts.

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Formulations that use little or no water.

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Well Beauty

View a collection of wellness guide formulations, made using our Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR and Daikon Seed Extract ingredients.

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Well-aging or pro-aging offers targeted approaches to maintain vibrant hair and skin at any age.

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