TREND WATCH – Athleisure

Selecting personal care formulations that fit well into an active lifestyle

Efficiency.  A requirement at almost every corner of modern life. And, it turns out, also a growing requirement in the development of beauty product applications. A clear example of this is in the development of “Athleisure” beauty products.

Athleisure defined

These can be defined as products that are designed to be applied either pre- or post-workout and need to be squeezed into efficient, short application windows for active people that are often balancing workouts in the middle of a work day.

Consumers are increasingly looking for multi-functional products that tick multiple boxes in busy, active lives so let’s take a closer look at what that means.

Products that fit the bill

Products that fit this space have to be targeted yet multi-functional. They need to be presented in easy-to-use formats that apply quickly and are easily portable.

New products are hitting the market all the time but following are some trending favorites. Some examples include:


All these examples can effectively reduce the number of products needed in a typical gym bag not to mention the application time needed to apply.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency….

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