10 Formulations for Hair, Scalp and Beard Wellness

We’re all feeling the heightened importance of wellness and self-care these days. Hair and beard care and “scalpcare-as-skincare” are all red-hot trends right now and gaining more attention with an increasing number of products supporting this movement to happier heads!

Natural emollients to the rescue!

In this blog, as part of our FIELD GOOD Wellness Guide Series, we’ll look at 10 strategies you can employ for hair treatment, beard care and scalp care. All contain our natural botanicals and were developed by the chemists in the Natural Plant Products Applications Lab. Let’s take a look…


1. Stimulating Scalp Scrub – Scalp relief is in reach with this gentle but effective scalp scrub. Nourishing Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR moisturizes scalp and prevents dryness. Daikon Seed Extract strengthens hair and adds shine while shea butter helps prevent brittleness. Bamboo stem powder exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and product build up on scalp. NaturePep Sacha Inchi, rich in omega-3s, locks in scalp moisture and decreases scalp roughness. Peppermint and tea tree essential oil provide an invigorating, cooling sensation.

2. Happy Head Scalp Serum – Did you know that according to Spate, “On average, there are 3.9K searches for scalp serum in the US every month, and interest has grown +59.6% since last year.” Definitely an application of the moment! The pink kaolin clay gives this scalp serum such a pretty look while also detoxifying the scalp by drawing out impurities. This lovely scalp serum provides cooling, soothing relief to scalp and strength, shine and conditioning to hair. Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR is highly nourishing to skin and moisturizes to combat scalp dryness while Daikon Seed Extract provides shine and strength to hair. Licorice root extract (rich in regenerative and antioxidant compounds) and mineral-rich pink kaolin clay soothe and detoxify the scalp. Aurafirm N, a fermented oat active conditions hair and supports skin microbiome, and peppermint and tea tree essential oils provide an invigorating, cooling sensation.


3. Nourishing Botanicals Hair Mask – This rich yet gentle, moisturizing hair treatment mask is a game-changer for many different hair types. Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR provides rich, moisturization and increases the oxidative stability of less stable avocado oil and shea butter. Daikon Seed Extract smooths, strengthens, and adds shine. Hydrolyzed silk adds shine and barrier protection and increases styling ease. Can be used as either a daily conditioner or left on hair longer before rinsing for more intensive treatment.

4. Hair Finishing Elixir – This highly versatile hair serum incorporates hair strengthening and replenishing principles of traditional J-Beauty hair care along with antipollution benefits of moisturization and hydration. Daikon Seed Extract adds strength, shine and non-greasy emollience while Meadowfoam Seed Oil adds richness, with moisturizing conditioning. Tsu-baki oil, a staple in J-Beauty hair regimens, smooths and protects and Kakadu Plum extract helps maintain collagen and elastin levels. Usage options include: a finishing serum to lock in shine/block humidity; a pre-cleanse to remove impurities BEFORE shampooing; added protection for pre-blow treatment and finishing product to control frizz, smooth and style and a touch up for a touch of shine as needed.


5. Cooling Beard Serum – This cooling beard serum is equally great for hair and skin with a lovely cooling sensation to boot! Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR moisturizes and nourishes skin while Daikon Seed Extract strengthens and provides shine for a healthy-looking beard. Black Castor Oil moisturizes skin and promotes beard growth while Oat Lipid E locks in moisture and prevents lipid loss. CustoNatural Bamboo is a natural silicone alternative that provides slip to formulation. Frescolat® Plus imparts a pleasant, longlasting cooling effect.

6. Beard Oil – Meadowfoam Seed Oil gives this lip balm unusual oxidative stability. Beard oils offer a double bonus of taming and conditioning beard hair while also hydrating the skin. Ours includes three emollients: Meadowfoam Seed Oil to give your beard shine, keep it soft without being greasy, Daikon Seed Extract for beard shine and a light and silky feel, and popular Argan Oil. We added a woodsy, cedar fragrance to this formulation for a pleasant but not overpowering scent.

Another benefit to this formulation is that the Meadowfoam Seed Oil also offers superior oxidative stability, which, when blended, can extend the shelf life of Argan Oil by up to 37%. (See complete OSI Study Results here.


7. Straight Meadowfoam Seed Oil provides luxurious spot moisturization for extra conditioning. Fast absorbing and rich without being overly greasy or heavy.

8, 9 & 10. Straight Daikon Seed Extract also provides silky, fastabsorbing moisturization as well as adding strength and shine to hair. Virgin cold-pressed Meadowfoam CP, mechanically extracted Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR, and Daikon Seed Extract are all Ecocert and COSMOS approved.

We hope you enjoy trying these great formulations for keeping hair, beard and scalp exfoliated, moisturized, and HEALTHY! Wishing you WELL!

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