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Botanicals from Oregon Growers

Natural Plant Products is a global supplier of botanical ingredients and technical services to the personal care industry. Our unique natural ingredients, formulation resources, sustainable products and global availability make NPP a uniquely reliable partner to personal care formulators and distributors worldwide.

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An Oil Producer

Natural Plant Products is the original and leading producer/supplier of Meadowfoam Seed Oil and other sustainable botanicals from naturally fertile Western Oregon.

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An Applications Lab

Our chemists are devoted to ongoing development of on-trend formulations to support adoption and accelerate development of commercial products using our ingredients.

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Environmentally Focused

Our water-wise products are produced on local member farms mindfully, sustainably and responsibly, following bee- and soil-friendly farming practices.

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A Global Supplier

We are a global company, represented by a well-established global network of distributors and are preferred by personal care formulators of all sizes – from emerging brands to large, established powerhouses.

Meadowfoam Farmers Oregon

We are

A Reliable Partner

For over 30 years we’ve been dedicated to quality delivery, stable pricing and supply of our ingredients, and complete supply chain transparency.