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Glow Skin

The focus of the glow skin trend is for skin to appear youthful, healthy, and perfectly smooth, which means no pores, no bumps, no divots, and no hair. The phenomenon started with K-beauty influencers as a backlash against the heavy make-up and overly matte, powdered faces of pre-pandemic life.

Formulations for Glow Skin

Formulation Library
Formula #103-33G
daikon radish seed featured in waterless cleansing balm formulation

Daikon Waterless Cleansing Balm

A one-step cleanser that melts away makeup and sunscreen for a simple nightly routine.
Formula #103-30A
Glow Face Oil Formulation

Glow Face Oil

This luxurious face oil offers rich emollience with vitamins C and E – all without greasiness.
Formula #100-97B
Facial Cleansing Stick

Facial Cleansing Stick

An easy-to-apply second step in a double cleanse routine that dissolves makeup, dirt and impurities and creates a lot of creamy lather leaving skin feeling soft and silky-smooth.
Formula #103-21G
Cushy Violet Lip Gloss

Cushy Violet Lip Gloss

Iridescent lip gloss that provides moisture and amazing color without stickiness.
Formula #103-18B
Thirsty Skin Quencher Stick

Thirsty Skin Quencher Stick

No fewer than 8 natural emollients grace this luscious, easy-to-formulate, and versatile formulation for long-lasting on-the-go moisturization.
Formula #100-147B
Zoom Ready products

3-in-1 Bright Eye Cream

A rich yet light, fast-absorbing cream with a moisturizing feel that isn’t greasy
Formula #103-11E
Sun Shield With Zinc Oxide

Sun Shield Stick with Zinc Oxide

A long-lasting, easy-to-apply, non-greasy sunscreen formulation in a portable stick format.
Formula #100-135A
Hydrating Gel Cream

Hydrating Cold Process Gel Cream

Cold process gel cream with only 6 ingredients. Can be used alone or with booster serums.
Formula #100-151B
Moisturizing Booster Serum

Moisturizing Booster Serum

Silky skin feel with an added boost of extended, long-lasting moisturization.

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