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Korean Beauty, known as K-Beauty, is a mega trend focused on attaining skin health, brightness, and hydration using natural ingredients. One of the hallmarks of this trend is that it involves a multi-step process with a myriad of targeted products – from cleansers and toners, to masks, serums, lotions, and moisturizing creams. The goal of K-Beauty is to achieve glowing, youthful skin with a glassy texture.

Because of the many steps and products involved (typically 10 or more), there are many supporting trends nested within the overall K-Beauty umbrella. While these sub-trends may come and go, K-Beauty appears to be here to stay. 


Formulations for K-Beauty

Formulation Library
Formula #100-97B
Facial Cleansing Stick

Facial Cleansing Stick

An easy-to-apply second step in a double cleanse routine that dissolves makeup, dirt and impurities and creates a lot of creamy lather leaving skin feeling soft and silky-smooth.
Formula #100-143D
Body Milk

Moisturizing Body Milk

This light body milk offers a high oil load and rich skin feel without being the slightest bit heavy.
Formula #100-139I
Hydrating Toner

Refreshing, Hydrating Toner

A light toner with a touch of Meadowfoam Seed Oil that hydrates and refreshes skin—leaving skin feeling clean, moisturized, and refreshed.
Formula #100-147B
Zoom Ready products

3-in-1 Bright Eye Cream

A rich yet light, fast-absorbing cream with a moisturizing feel that isn’t greasy
Formula #100-135A
Hydrating Gel Cream

Hydrating Cold Process Gel Cream

Cold process gel cream with only 6 ingredients. Can be used alone or with booster serums.
Formula #100-151B
Moisturizing Booster Serum

Moisturizing Booster Serum

Silky skin feel with an added boost of extended, long-lasting moisturization.
Formula #100-152A
Brightening Booster Serum

Brightening Booster Serum

Brighten and lighten with zero-waste and upcycled naturally-derived ingredients.
Formula #100-150B
Well-aging Booster Serum

Well-Aging Booster Serum

This restorative and regenerating oil serum is loaded with natural emollients for skin of any age.
Formula #100-155D
Melting Waterless Cleansing Balm

Melting Waterless Cleansing Balm

This solid balm cleanser melts onto skin as you rub it in and, upon rinsing, forms a milky layer.

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