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Trend Watch: Men’s Grooming

The global men’s grooming market was estimated to top 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. By 2024, that figure is estimated to reach an impressive 81.2 Billion U.S. dollars, according to Statista.

Extending well beyond traditional men’s shaving products, men are increasingly investing in skin care, hair care, wellness and men’s makeup products. To keep pace, more and more brands are emerging to tap in specifically to the exciting men’s personal care market.

What guys want

Multi-functional products that offer efficiency and efficacy appeal well to male consumers. Also, easy-to-use formats that apply quickly and are easily portable are key. Not surprisingly, beard and stubble care products are also extremely popular. Striving to maintain youthful vitality, men are also increasingly concerned with skin care, a key market growth area. Naturals and products with minimal or more masculine fragrance signatures are also preferred.

Product trends

With such exploding men’s grooming market growth, new products are hitting the market all the time.

Following are some trending men’s favorites from our Guide Formulation Library:

All these examples tick the boxes for multi-functionality, naturals focused, and no-fuss, easy self-care….perfect for today’s well-groomed men!

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